Until Tomorrow

It’s hard to believe in more;

people and things like church;

Or should I say powers,

Like God!?


When I can’t even function

enough to get up and shower.


When I had faith I felt unstoppable;

like when it first occurred now I’m probably cursed;

life is probable: It’s gonna keep beating you down;

I’m supposed to play nice without making a frown?


People’s morals are so weak,

to lead them means to be a clown!

I’m tired of helping piss ants

I’d rather drop my pants and piss on them;


light them of fire!


Yet I’m not helping anyone

I’ve gone so bitter I don’t know how to quit;

The personalities I’ve manifested to fight this reality;

I’ve turned into something I’m not meant to be!

I fight fuckers off and yet my soul is pleading


Someone save me!


A disgrace to society; labelled and shelved

I delve into myself and wonder how I was so fucking stupid;

It’s time for bravery but its hard to be intrepid when everyone

is just as stupid!


I cannot save myself for the lack of you saving me;

We’re digging this grave together;

When we’ve given up the fight;

We shall lay here forever!


Or at least until tomorrow.







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