Burn Everything Away

When fish can fly

I believe I will then begin to deny;

That I write blind –

like a begging man on the road:


I share no swarm with the fins that have surfed;

Shallow depth;

I’m stupid

with a cleft –


To digest


Through a hole in my face.


I loved this conversation

I want to

believe in everything you ever told me;

Yet people make

writing love;


As if

They were chopped in half;


It cripples our minds

I asked a few artists to share a line

and they said

I don;t know how

I simply said

keep talking.

I’ll write something.

so real!


Ill not re read my words till the next time I’m drunk!

Then I am sunk


I go in circles;

If I’m so fucking gone

how do I write the shit that reaches

people hearts?


How do  I pin point my enemies

like a laser in the dark?

I wanna set a spark

To burn everything away…


She Said


Burn everything away?

Erase the past?

To toss a letter or a photo into the flames;

Only makes the fire bigger.





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