Raw and Whole

I think it’s best if you forget that I ever was

What you thought I was;

I was a coward then;

Desperate for love and the attention

you gave to me.


I became strong and independent;

I took what you taught me and mixed it

with real life; I then plucked the rife fools

With my fists and taught them the lessons they needed

Beat them like their fathers should have.


I grew tired of the incompetent making fun of me

I refused to turn the other cheek and let them believe

they were smarter

So I used my masterful words to tear apart their minds;

Left them in the fear that I once felt.


When they had no power left

I look at them and ask

“How does it feel to feel the way you made me feel?”

How does it feel to feel nothing but fear.


I became fearsome;

the man in my nightmares;

I became the devils right hand man

to destroy lost souls;

I  joke when I say

I’m gonna eat you raw and whole.












2 thoughts on “Raw and Whole

  1. I love this, there is something a little scary in the strength we have with our words isn’t there? I am always so aware of the damage I can do with words alone, I’d love to say I don’t do it, bit in reality when pissed off he devil rises and I sit back and watch as it tears souls from weeping bodies. And do it whilst all the time smiling.

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