Super Powers

I fly in my dreams;

I was once told that flying like that

means you are over everything…


Or perhaps it’s just me dreaming that I had super powers

over everything.

I sometime’s rescue people’ catching them in the nick of time;

other times it’s me making a nickel and a dime;

if you had the power would you commit a crime?

Or save someones life?


I’d like to think I’d do whats right.

Tonight I’ll save this pretty girl;

perhaps tomorrow I’ll make her hurl and throw out everything!

Swear to the world I’ll do better next time!


I wont be like this then and then I’ll begin


and beat myself like I did back then.


Nah my only power is my pen;

my ability is to make people see themselves in me ;

Sometimes that scares me.






Once upon a time I couldn’t write a line

without a little rhyme; it use to be a crime!

Now I’m sensational;

Instilling  every syllable with titillating instillation’s

of an instantiation insane man in your conscious imagination! !

and to my elation…


I gota tell my other selves to control their shit

I got this one this time!

I dislike the to and fro of what is to come’

after every little lie that has been spun;

it’s not fun to become predictable

you simpleton – pickle.


I’m going to stick to what I have to do

I’ll mow through you and grind you to bits

into little bits

and even smaller bits;


I can stomach anything I chew;

like a cow chewing it’s  cud –

I’ve chewed you out before….










Voices in the Wind

The things to come are very good my friends;

very good indeed;

I intend to make amends for all my evil deeds.

But alas!?

I am a poet!

The space laid between the lines is sometimes more important,

than what is rhymed!

I commit linguistic writing crimes!


  • cause for at least a second this thought was
  • that orgasmic
  • in ways

Holy fucking shit.

Look at this.

Like what is this shit?!

I’ve fucking lost it!

The rhyme and meter doesn’t even EVEN  out; when

you and I aim to displease to please each other!

I think about thoughts that we are taught not to think about!

I create so much discomfort with society;

those shunned from what society deems A NORMality AN ABnormality!?

I guess Ill use that power against them and

CREATE an ARMY of  zombies that can’t ignore me;

an army of futuristic cannibalism that see a vision in me!

But alas, I am a poet!

I  Intractability master the page,

then disputably master what I want to display.


I’ll never ever be able to convey now the moment has passed.

While those I wanna piss off – I piss off with ease;

to believe everyone is equal!

I set every one at unease to see that everyone is un-eased

please wait and see …

My words are not  just a man speaking

in the wind….

They will haunt you…


Date Night

I’d like to see you;

riddled with worms beneath the flesh

of your beautiful face.


Watch them squirm to the dis-tastes

of the host.

Festering disgrace

spouting love for all the worms.

All the worms that have squirmed in you.


You loved every second they crawled around in you.

You tried to deny the pleasure

and lied to me!


I’d have eaten your flesh

if you asked me to…

But now the worms have chewed

through you; had their fill.


I’ve lost my appetite.



I got a cat

hes not my cat

his name is Oscar!



loves to hiss at you when you walk by him

then rub your leg because he wants outside

I love Oscar cause he reminds me of people.


he’s  A people cat.


a big fat fluffy cat with long light orange hair

and he likes to stair down – the ones he loves

you cant beat him in a staring contest




He’s beyond a cat;

he’s a little human; more human than human!

We all love him and call him shit bird;

He chirps and whines –



he doesn’t meow


cause that would make him more cat than human.


He likes pork;

please don’t give him shit on the end of your fork.

when you are a lone in the dark

he hops on your lap and chirps when you pet him!


He hisses when you pet him!

then he loves you to death!


Two seconds later!

I’ve never been so confused

for this kind of expression!


Kinda reminds me of some people but ….

at least he makes his point clear!


I know what he wants –

yet me and you as humans can’t decide where we are going


to even begin to try …

no one wants to chirp….


no one wants to be the cat….





Homeless Blues

I talked to a french bi – lingual guy

he was homeless

and I loved him cause he speaks two languages

he had his rough accent I presented to understand

I chugged a few beers with him

and came away a better man

and he made a friend.


I love life when this shit happens.

Its real and in your face.

I don’t write poetry about fakes in facets

that delude us into intrusions were

we are left feeling abused.


I like the french.

French kisses and stammers and stutter

I know what to say to finish your sentence

but Ill let you utter



In the end I  said shit; here is a beer for the road

I just got hired so I;m not homeless tomorrow

you seem cool, in the  future call me if you need to borrow.  .

he just hung his head low and coward and said

I’m tired of people stealing my bed.


And that when I said; here man

take another can of beer; if you need me

next time I’ll be here.