Hello; Friendo


I’m going to play a character!

I’m going to slip into insanity!

I’m going to play with social media

and you simpletons



You said to me again and again

Ron you are an idiot;

I ignored all that shit;

I want to play the twit

Just because I’m bored.


You dared call me Ronald!?

That’s a name you may not use with


so I pretended to ignore you

and I laugh

cause you are the idiot’


The idiot I’ve caused to play an  idiot

and now in front of everyone you can present this grand present;

and you shall still remain a peasant.

SO call me an idiot;

I am an idiot.


I do not disagree with you my friend?!

My enemy?

Who cares; you try in vain to make fun of me.



I am an idiot’

I made sure you felt that.


I have no ill will toward you

nor any good wishes;

I’m a drunken idiot who flows with the swishes

of the now of the non-indigestible;

People like Arron cannot see the irony

that is cumming’

In his face

as he digest these lines.


Lick your lips you little punk ass bitch

I’ve  barley started with you.





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