I got a cat

hes not my cat

his name is Oscar!



loves to hiss at you when you walk by him

then rub your leg because he wants outside

I love Oscar cause he reminds me of people.


he’s  A people cat.


a big fat fluffy cat with long light orange hair

and he likes to stair down – the ones he loves

you cant beat him in a staring contest




He’s beyond a cat;

he’s a little human; more human than human!

We all love him and call him shit bird;

He chirps and whines –



he doesn’t meow


cause that would make him more cat than human.


He likes pork;

please don’t give him shit on the end of your fork.

when you are a lone in the dark

he hops on your lap and chirps when you pet him!


He hisses when you pet him!

then he loves you to death!


Two seconds later!

I’ve never been so confused

for this kind of expression!


Kinda reminds me of some people but ….

at least he makes his point clear!


I know what he wants –

yet me and you as humans can’t decide where we are going


to even begin to try …

no one wants to chirp….


no one wants to be the cat….






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