Voices in the Wind

The things to come are very good my friends;

very good indeed;

I intend to make amends for all my evil deeds.

But alas!?

I am a poet!

The space laid between the lines is sometimes more important,

than what is rhymed!

I commit linguistic writing crimes!


  • cause for at least a second this thought was
  • that orgasmic
  • in ways

Holy fucking shit.

Look at this.

Like what is this shit?!

I’ve fucking lost it!

The rhyme and meter doesn’t even EVEN  out; when

you and I aim to displease to please each other!

I think about thoughts that we are taught not to think about!

I create so much discomfort with society;

those shunned from what society deems A NORMality AN ABnormality!?

I guess Ill use that power against them and

CREATE an ARMY of  zombies that can’t ignore me;

an army of futuristic cannibalism that see a vision in me!

But alas, I am a poet!

I  Intractability master the page,

then disputably master what I want to display.


I’ll never ever be able to convey now the moment has passed.

While those I wanna piss off – I piss off with ease;

to believe everyone is equal!

I set every one at unease to see that everyone is un-eased

please wait and see …

My words are not  just a man speaking

in the wind….

They will haunt you…



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