Until The End

Talk to me in all your brevity and insanity;

dribble and drool and act like a fool;

tell me, what is insanity to you?


I’ve seen the white padded room

the little black camera with zoom.


Someone bring me some light

Someone ignite my candle wick…

It’s been raining hard on my spirit


If you know me; know I’m insane;

I pick people apart because my dark heart

brain thins my membranes;

I’ve parted ways from the spark…



I’ve gone insane in the absence of angels;

Hell calls and ignites the spells,

cast by the mouths of ignoramuses.


If you know me; know I’m insane;

I pick people apart because my dark heart

but if you knew me from the end to the start

You’d know I’m your friend

Until the end.





A Walk in The Rain

It’s been some time

since I could remember what it meant

to truly love someone.


It’s hard to forget the rainy winters.

Everyone was there and it was beautiful

I loved you and loved my life…


But it was just a simple,

pristine world filled with fakes;

Cover the earth like snow flakes;

It’s not okay to just blend in.


Be yourself and find out who’s really your friend;

Who will put up with your shit ’till the end?


Who ever they are;

Never forget them.

They may be the last true friends you ever know;



















Come a little closer and sit for awhile;

listen to the things I have to say…

Maybe today is today and tomorrow we fall in love

and then there are going to be days of sorrow

days of feeling empty.

Days when nothing makes sense


A loop hole runs through my head

a black hole; stripping mind mind

the stars fall from the sky causing dread

I just hope each other we can find…


The time to make everything right

and die with pure hearts.

I don’t need to see hell,

life has been hell enough


When it finally all falls apart

I pray we’re not alone.

I hope to die holding someones bones

close to mine.







Loot My Nightmare

One day blessed the next day cursed

Live a walking nightmare

that my dreams rehearse;


It’s my enemy driving the hearse;

But I’m spitting lyrics like bullets;

pulverizing the rhetorical verse.


I live and love like Russian roulette.

You can bet I’ll get you

You can bet I’ll get you.


And if I lose


That bullet wasn’t meant for you;

And everything I held true,

wasn’t meant to be.


Blood Lines

Today becomes tomorrow

and hope

becomes sorrow.


You never realize how special a moment is,

until time has cast it’s spell;

Making all our special moments,

a shadowed history of the past.


You better find a way to make the moment

and the memory last

cause these days life is passing by way to fast;


Everything materialistic burns

but nothing burns like your heart for

passions passed by;

trying everyday to live the lie

that everything is okay.


Life sucks;

The marrow from the bones,

but it can’t squeeze blood from a stone.











Your head will remain secured

to the all the memories you’ve held dear.


Swiggity swish splash and splish

the blood pools around your head I squished;

I’m jumping on your guts;

Squikkk Squish; my boots are covered

in your shit and piss


Plish plush

I turned you into mush.

I must gush as I flush your innards

down the sewer,

and eat your eyes off a skewer.

Morose Perfection

I barley made it through this day;

Evil in everything I touch.

I’ve fought the demons as I’ve prayed;

Excuses are a crutch.


So I don’t say much.


My sanity I barely clutch;

Every thing adds and its too much.

I just want to tell you to shut the fuck up

I wish you lived a day in my shoes!


Then you’d see

I’m happy you grew up;

Some of us are stuck,


We live in ruts that run roots so deep

the evil they keep seeps into every vein;

Poisoning everything beautiful.

One day nothing looks the same,