Zombie Tree

The seasons change

time flows as sleek as the  wind blows;

Leaves change colors and fall;

And fall…


The earth consumes everything

eventually we are all dirt.

But I remember when we were as beautiful as falling leaves

in fall;

when we were young and innocent and and didn’t know small

from tall;


We were all the same in out own unique ways;

we were from the same tree;

then the branches began to sway.

Today you are not my friend though


I couldn’t live without you…

Somehow I’ll get though..


I’ll dig my way through the earth

next time you see me I’ll be driving the hearse

I’ll be smiling and nodding as I spit another verse;


Though noting is solved; I’ve evolved

like a tree;

cursed to bloom so beautifully each season

then dissolve  into nothing.





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