You are Kirk (I am Picard)

I carry so much persona its no wonder

I am a loaner

I say something and the room goes quiet;

I can sometimes write my thoughts well enough

People riot;


They say I freed them!

I just see misplaced punctuation

and feel the unction to edit

My “read it” stuff.



Time to edit the limit of my lines

I’ should be lyrically fined

I’m tired of sounding like a retard!

No!  You are Kirk I am Picard!

Turn the ship starboard; to the stars!

To the stars!


I’m driving this ship till we bust.

I’m gonna be the sun in the morning for which you’ll

forever drool over and lust.

Someone has to stop me;

but first you gota earn my trust!


These times I find I don’t need any fancy lines;

Just the time to put the thought into

what my will has wrought and what I’ve brought

fourth today I will stand and say I have fought

for the worth I’ve got!


By the way….

What is this spot?

Where are we…


What have we got left after this journey?

It’s been years; how are you still hurting me?

You make me stutter when I try to tell the world

I am free.

You were free too…



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