Paper & Pen

Paper and pen

breaking the blank lines

with black ink

un-neatly scrawled

by my hand

driven by my mind:

My spirit thirsty,

hoping to find


in the messy,


inky lines.


Jack Frost

Winter dances,

swooshes and swishes,

blinding wind and snow.


A child speaks plainly

To mother, father, grandparents;

Dear Santa; the letters flow;

Dear Jesus, the prayers go.


Who will answer,

Who could possible know

Who will answer,

Who could possibly know

Frozen Christmas wishes…


What is in your heart ,

when winter dances,

swooshes and swishes

blinding wind and snow.


















Blowing in the Wind

The Lord is calling me back

So I hungrily went to church.

I was moved and revived.

Afterwards, taking care of the practical

I took my resume to the bottle depot

hoping to find work.

With my empty stomach in mind

I began to pray to the Lord for His provision,

and blessings, reminding him I need my daily bread

And you wouldn’t believe it –

as soon as I finished praying

there it was –  an answer to my prayer

tumbling along the sidewalks,

20 dollars!

Blowing in the wind.