Memories of Lost Poetry

The last quarter of my 30th year,

is that a good place to start?

I’ll write with maturity and wit –

as I mourn tattered pieces of half my life past.




Lost to carelessness.

Locked in a tragic tomb.

A U.S.B – Sweet technology failed me.

Condemns me;

Saving my drunken years -as plain as day,

should reader surf the internet.

I’ve written my soul & cried out my spirit,

I’ve lost more than my weight in gold

in pages of poetry


To be

Read again.

I’m a feeling faint and feather light;

Less than whole.

I suppose this is not a good place to start.

For the reader now knows there is a prelude

to my attitude that now exists.

And I question!

How I question!

What is a restart?

A re boot?

Hoping for the perfect start?

The perfect lines

of perfect poetry

Ever eluding me.

As does immortality

If I died tonight,

then these words would be my last thoughts,

and I’d have introduced you

to the end.



Ron Bergquist

January 2nd 2017



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