Manda – Lee

Her freckles lit her face

like the stars lit the night sky

I’d built a rocket ship to space

if I could catch her eye,

run my fingers down her cheeks,

let her know shes the reason why

my voice trembles – my knees get week.


All the world is a stage and we are but actors,


The bell rang and her long long legs lift her from her seat

my gaze was stuck – as she strides – to the door.

Her hips dipping side to side – my eyes implore;

her picture perfect ass, as I follow her down the hall –

After class; She turn to me and asks, “Do you love my ghetto booty?”


I reply “It is fair, what I really love  is the flair

of your long red hair – the way it frames your face of freckles –

the way it flows down the curve of your back

defining your outlines in that sultry dress,

the mystery of the top hat –

the way your red hair compliments the black.


She moved like a seasoned model,

she smiled and flirted like a witch casting her spell;

then slid slowly into a sexy pose

smooth as silk, and just as natural

she bent over, and said “please take my photo,”







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