The Muse

Strung out on the fringe of the universe

floating through cold – dead space

I’m lost with in the debris, the debris of obscurity,

forever remembering another time and place,

’till someones gravity once again pulls on me.


My shadow loop through time

vortex of thyself tempers perceived reality

I can see a portal! I am curious who will

greet me on the other side of the vanity!


A metamorphosis of mind materializing,

standing still in reality and realizing

the breaking of a mans mind mined by madness!

Insanity is a life lived and lost to sadness!


I refuse to ride along with the refuse

yes, the past has taken it’s toll

I cannot escape the scars of abuse

but I will escape this black hole!


I’m coming through the portal, the vortex of my shadows eye!

This is the final battle, one of us will die!

I’ll escape the moment my shadow loops through time,

I’ll free myself from the hour glass and finally kill the mime!


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