The Hero

I can see so vividly the hero in me,

living well in the future; the future is static.

A reflection of the past becoming present,

triggers my ability to out think probability.


My hand is on the window, everyone’s watching me

Just got to clear my mind, and I’ll pass through,

then they will finally see me, the way I see myself

I will lift into the sky – secrete identity revealed.


I’ll no longer be afraid, I’ll finally tell the truth.

I’ll round up my demons, make amends for setting them free.

I’ll finally be what I’ve always wanted to be,

just as soon as I get up to turn off the t.v!


I will become the prophesy and expose the irony.

Hello broken society trying to tell me I’m living in a fantasy!

I can harness the energy of hatred and turn it into electricity

that fuels me through the darkness procrastination

has enveloped me in.


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