Dante’s Limbo

Crick crack

breaking bones…

breaking my back.

crick crack

breaking bones,

breaking my back,

crick crack!

Breaking bones…

till the day I come home;

My lonely bones… creak and groan…

I have known… many sad days …

and today… is just another day…


Crick Crack

breaking bones

breaking my back,

crick crack

breaking bones

breaking my back

crick, crack

breaking bones ’till I’m all alone;

breaking bones ’till the day

I crawl home….

I have known many sad days…

and today… is just another day….



Captains Log

Fuck, shit, damn!

Where the hell is this?

Systems are down;

we’ve seem to have crashed.


We’re off target,

we’re not even on the grid anymore.


This is your captain speaking.

I have to be honest, I have no plan for this.

Secondary protocols will commence

Beg for mercy while you can.

live a little big longer…

Lets hope the indigenous people and environment

are not hostile.


Initially; we are not able to see

the good that comes with the bad;

Calm your mind and change your perspective.


Even though all you can hear is the

horrible recoils of your muse going





How incredibly – painfully ironic,

how nauseatingly stupid.

How like life, to do just that,

How like me to be so….

Pan Pt 6

Drizzle … Drizzle

captain hook  fired the cannons and they fizzled.

PAN steer clear of the ships,

hold dear – dear swords on hips.

For our hours are numbered

we shall attack while the pirates slumber!

We will hear the distant sound of a tick tock

If it be my time – I do not fear tick tock crock

rather I fear the seconds of the man eating clock.

the day my clock stops

will I see you on the other side?

Brother – son – father – mother –

best friend… in the end …

Will you be the one – to shake my hand

and say “welcome home ….good job man –

you finally escaped  – never never land.

Pan Pt 5

Silly sleeping, dreaming fool;

the day has past as the last;

your drool dries before your eyes,

and reminds you of lovers lost to yesterday.

Maybe – just maybe today – we finally save Wendy.


If only you could wake and escape,

the palaces of your minds eye;

and though you make haste to wake

you’re imprisoned – there is no escape.


Silly mortal, the next time you try to fly,

you will fall,

unless you accept your dream as reality:

Nothing is as it seems.

Your foes are friends and to defeat them

will mean your mortal end.

For your friends are your enemies

loyal to a fault –

misery loves company,

they care not for your dream.



Pan pt 4

Take my hand and fly;

try to think happy thoughts without

questioning why.


For the time has come to seize the sky

to break the world before I die.


The end is near – have I tried?

the end is here! Shed a tear for every fear,

for every year – I did not try.

Let it be as it was – as it was –

I was not what I thought I was.


I was the enemy I fought;

I fought myself without a care

then wondered why I never got anywhere.

So I blamed the world!

Life is not fair! Not fair at all!

… but thats not true; true – true, life can be cruel …

but a fool is a fool who must do what he does

until he’s no longer a fool.

Pan pt 3

I dream we can fly.

but only when we truly believe in ourselves

and in each other;

and something more eternal.

I dare say I believe in heaven and I believe in hell.


By the way…

where am i?

What time is it?

OH its 11:11

lets make a wish.


In silence we will whisper prayers

hidden in-between the in-betweens,

prayers; whispered on caffeinated breath

through nicotine stained teeth,

the toil of the come and go, does and dont’s

the starts and stops;

the here and now –

the constant need to pray for a better tomorrow,

hoping for happiness instead of sorrow.


Yes, beseech the realms beyond flesh and blood,

’till you understand believing is seeing

you must shed your mortal flesh to add meaning to your being.

Existing is seeing – you are worthless without spiritual meaning.


So pray – pray until you’ve lost your breath;

until you’ve broken through the five senses;

even the 6th and 7th – if you believe they exist.

And when you fail – and realize you were meant for more than this;

pound your decaying chest with your fist!


welcome to never never land.


Pan pt 2

Sometimes the other world calls…

World unseen- unknown.

A glimpse of eternal rest.

Through earth bound angels I’ve conversed with

climbing to heaven is a test.


The watcher sees all;

Thus upon silken swishes

takes home who he wishes.

Sometimes there is no reason

for mortal treason;

its simply your season

to die.


Its only a matter of time, lingering time!

Then we’ve forgotten there was a reason;

to seek mortal meaning.


Now we jest a new jest

and how we jest

until we fail and fall and are reminded

life is a test! A test ! No more – no less!


Mortal man; by word you stand;

the watcher asks,

why you watch as Peter ponders


trying to catch his shadow?