Pan pt 3

I dream we can fly.

but only when we truly believe in ourselves

and in each other;

and something more eternal.

I dare say I believe in heaven and I believe in hell.


By the way…

where am i?

What time is it?

OH its 11:11

lets make a wish.


In silence we will whisper prayers

hidden in-between the in-betweens,

prayers; whispered on caffeinated breath

through nicotine stained teeth,

the toil of the come and go, does and dont’s

the starts and stops;

the here and now –

the constant need to pray for a better tomorrow,

hoping for happiness instead of sorrow.


Yes, beseech the realms beyond flesh and blood,

’till you understand believing is seeing

you must shed your mortal flesh to add meaning to your being.

Existing is seeing – you are worthless without spiritual meaning.


So pray – pray until you’ve lost your breath;

until you’ve broken through the five senses;

even the 6th and 7th – if you believe they exist.

And when you fail – and realize you were meant for more than this;

pound your decaying chest with your fist!


welcome to never never land.



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