2010 when we first met again.

Justin and Ron together again;

I kept telling him about Tron,

showed him the Daft Punk videos:

The brothers;

and their cameo in Tron Legacy – the movie.

When we finally watched it together.

By that time Justin already had the game; he’d


Immersed himself in the grid – the pixel world of a legacy .

(and the T shirt that came with the game)


He would go off about how awesome Tron was

He’d be like TRON RON! Ron TRON! TRON RON!


He’d be like get it?

You take away the T and you have Ron!

Tron Ron! Ron is Tron!


So we’d listen to Daft Punk: the Tron Legacy soundtrack

and then Just would challenge me to play Light Cycle Battle on the video game!

Justin would exclaim “ha ha! I’ve got youuu!”

as he crossed my path and I hit his light cycle wall he’d go “pew,

BOOM! you lose!

C,mon Ron! I thought you were Tron!”


Tron Ron…. Tron Ron….

Haunts my mind; For him when they did find

cold and dead – He had that Tron – T shirt on…

and the day before he died

a friend of his told me she heard

a voice telling her to tell Ron its okay…

“Ron is Tron…. Ron is Tron”

















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