That’s Dope

I can’t sleep because now I reap

What I’ve sown, I’ve always known the

demons I feed and keep would defeat me.

I struggle to break free – they strangle me –

in my mind they find the times between  pain

and boredom  and my crimes;

I’ve said it a million times in a million rhymes,

Memories imprisoning me when all I want is to be free!


I try to pray to have faith and hope then,

I get bored and drink and smoke dope.

sniff dope, inject dope. Kill my hope,

Everyday I’m struggling in life just to cope!

Everyday burning my money till I’m broke;

What a joke! I can’t live this way!

I Start begging the rope!

I need Jesus! –  not the pope!


I’m trapped between two worlds;

The light and the good fight for what is right

the nights out chasing a high and the girls;

I can’t think, my minds in a whirl, so I’m gonna

smoke drugs and drink until I hurl.


I’m all alone and burning in hell,

burning in hell,

burning in hell,

Burning in hell and I’m not even dead yet,

every minute of every hour of everyday;

Haunted by my regrets,

haunted by my regrets.

Haunted by my regrets.




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