Big Foot PT 2

The elusive moment,


Revealed big foots true form.

He was normal of not being normal ….


So once again I met my friend…
I said big foot dropped a Bomb …

And he did… like David, 

Penning his next psalm!

This is my best friend

He don’t need to read my palm.
Through thick and thin 

We stay calm, we protect our kin,

We don’t play to kill and win

We just spew shit to make you

Trip and grin.



Still the same Cheshire cat like grin,

Smiling through the bending light

Of the dreadful night to come….
Oh woe to the travellers,

I hope you’ve come equipped….

It’s been some time,

Since we’ve stood face to face

In the yellow moonlight

Of 3am.
But who gives a damn!

There you are and here I am,

Staring into the face of Death;
He laughs hysterically;

As every nightmare of my life,

Is relentlessly re-played;
Still it’s nice to see you,

It reminds me of the past,

The days that I didn’t know,

We’re numbered not to last.
So Despair -with demon eyes,

Here you are again,

And to me it’s no surprise –

My old friend!

If today is the day I meet my end,

I’ll grit my teeth;

Face it with a dubious grin! 


Tear away from the page…

Try to have a little more impact,

Next time…
Become something real…

In Their imaginations,

And become something powerful…
Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it  good to be evil…

Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil…
No one knows the next act,

Only the brave will stay,

To watch the world fade away.
I may be tangible then,

Real enough to connect,

I’ll make another friend.
Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil.

Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil….
Or maybe 

In the end 

You’ll be just another enemy.
Tell me which side of me,

Will take control,

Of this fading reality.

Digging Holes

From within the hidden silence 

Of humble bordom comes the nonsense

Of one toke to little to make sense of life’s 

Riddles – somewhere in the middle 

I’ve kindled a little fire, where desires 

Still burn as bright as the day they were birthed.

But some bums been shoveling earth,

People’s actions and words hurt,

I’ve had it with the dirt smothering my flame.

I swear to never  ever be the same,

It’s time to stoke the fire, it’s time to change.

It’s time to walk away from the lame.

It’s time for a brand new game!

I swear things are never gonna be the same….

Slice and Dice

I don’t need a blade to cut you,

Threaten me again and pay the price.

My words alone will steak your dignity

Quicker than a game of dice!

If you test me I’ll  roll up my sleeves;

Show you the scars, into myself, I’ve sliced!

Threaten me again and pay the price!
All I hear is blah blah blah

Meanwhile I’m imagining stabbing you!

While my muse is laughing hah hah hah!

What you gonna do? 

Me and you are true to one falicy

The message of society

What you can or cannot do.
Are you a sheep to do what they expect of you?

Cause I don’t care what you say, when you press a blade to me

It’s only a matter of what you will or will not do!

CMon show me it’s true,

Make your move and when you miss

My next diss will show you

I don’t need a blade to cut you!
Threaten me again and pay the price!

My words alone will steal your dignity

Quicker than a game of dice.