Still the same Cheshire cat like grin,

Smiling through the bending light

Of the dreadful night to come….
Oh woe to the travellers,

I hope you’ve come equipped….

It’s been some time,

Since we’ve stood face to face

In the pale moonlight 

Of 3am.
But who gives gives a damn!

There you are and here I am,

Staring into the face of death.
They laughed hysterically

As every nightmare of my life,

Is relentlessly replaid.
Still it is nice nice to see you,

It reminds me of the past,

The days that I didn’t know,

We’re numbered; not to last.
So Despair, with demon eyes,

Here you are again, 

And to me it’s no surprise

My old friend.

If today is the day I meet my end,

I’ll grit my teeth;

Face it with a dubious grin.


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