Still the same Cheshire cat like grin,

Smiling through the bending light

Of the dreadful night to come….
Oh woe to the travellers,

I hope you’ve come equipped….

It’s been some time,

Since we’ve stood face to face

In the yellow moonlight

Of 3am.
But who gives a damn!

There you are and here I am,

Staring into the face of Death;
He laughs hysterically;

As every nightmare of my life,

Is relentlessly re-played;
Still it’s nice to see you,

It reminds me of the past,

The days that I didn’t know,

We’re numbered not to last.
So Despair -with demon eyes,

Here you are again,

And to me it’s no surprise –

My old friend!

If today is the day I meet my end,

I’ll grit my teeth;

Face it with a dubious grin! 


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