Hello, Welcome to my hidden world that sits in plain sight. You’ve just stepped through a doorway, entering the very core of my being; my heart and mind where you will find everything from poetry to journal entries that detail me and my life and how I see it. It is nothing but a raw and real journey to express everything I think and feel. This place is a place of darkness and of happiness. It’s a place of therapy and rest and even inspiration.

I write simply to relieve or amuse myself. Well that’s not true. I write for others too. I love to write mostly poetry, but sometimes I just rant or journal. I attempt to hide nothing in my writing. I don’t ever want to be fake or shy away from an experience. I simply believe if I have lived it, I can write it.

That said, things here are very personal here in this blog lay some very heavy topics and subjects. Death, pain, loss, sex, violence, anger, insanity, God, Christianity, demons, personal and real. Even stuff that is complete and utter bullshit.

This is me writing my personal story and leaving my metaphorical footprints behind, forever immortalizing myself in the physical realm, so long as this world should continue to exist. I wish to make readers think, I wish to make them a little bit shocked, and surprised; but most certainly inspired and definitely understood. Enjoy exploring my world, my thoughts, my feelings.

Yours truly,
Ron Bergquist


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