You can tell

Kindness ages a person


All the frowns refrained

all the kind smiles returned.


She’s not as young as she use to be





Dead Words

People call me psychotic – .

like its supposed to hurt?

like it supposed to mean something!

To me I’m like awe – you noticed me


Thanks for the compliment

then I say “Yes? How can we help you?”


They call me a drug addict

when I’m really an alcoholic!

Drugs are just extra fun when I feel like it.

So get your facts straight;

You sideways shootin’ bull-shiter;

Whom has never mastered the art

of the insult.


To hurt someone’

you have to understand their heart

get inside their heads.

Then rip them apart

from the inside out.


You can’t even see my heart

nor understand my mind.





If You Can Find Me

Mind to mind:

touch my heart

if you can find me!


Feed me some lines –

give me some verse;

I like words;


please lets not rehearse –

This play is for the sport

You are on the spot!


I’m not even awake!

sit up proper like –

then begin to bang

my mind

with your limericks and rhyme


Drink some tea and chase those bad memories away.

cause today I just want to be free


Mind to mind:

touch my heart

if you can find me!


The Graham

My living – room looks like a skate shop

with empties beer cans and two cats;

an ashtray and me with a doob!

Smoke wafts to the ceiling

what movie were we watching?


Eat a slice of pizza

Eat a slice of pizza

Eat a slice of pizza!


No thanks cause I’m

Eating Sunday Chinese leftovers

like a fucking boss



“Wish I had a big wheel and cop glasses when I said that!

“and a lunch a box”

I got a beer in my hand a kittie by my side;

I just need time to figure out what it means

to have a life!


I got no dollars but I got pizza

Eat a slice of pizza!

“Pizza pizza pizza”


Please if you like;

sleep on my couch!

cause right now we’re just livin’ life

we’re okay for the moment!


Until the fucking landlord comes to the door:

Lets give him some pizza.





Birthday Cake

I agonized for so fucking long,

but then one day you told me.

I have to be happy,


I believed you

I fell to you…

when I shouldn’t have!

I gave you everything

Then it was over just like that


And I was alone again.

I couldn’t cope with loosing you and not being with you,

I could not cope being the one not inside of you.

Numb with the seasons changing I was chained

to the frame of mind you had found in me in


I’m tired

Having trouble getting my thoughts together:

Don’t bother me;

I’m going to sleep,


The mad hatter look at his watch

laughing at our audacity,

he tipped his hat and offers me tea.


Don’t bother me;

I’m going to sleep,



I’m just another sheep

A magician with a hat but no rabbit

out of habit!

I had a carrot but it was eaten by a demon !

How can I fucking see and feel them!

I hear them!


yet they don’t steer my


they don’t’ steer my life!


Here’s my hat’ nothing in it so I spin it

I’ve had it today so here’s a fake smile and pray

and pull another rabbit out of the hat.



The knife comes before the cake.

Cut the strings to my present.

You peasant that presents the

 white rabbits that rush by.


I grit and bear a smile

I’m a bear with paws  – and teeth,

You smiled through

our death with

blood congealed finger tips –

 I fought you off yet you are

snapping at my heels!


Fuck this shit

I like my  berries with Ice cream

Cut the strings –  yet some

 puppeteer grows fucking wings!


Then Time passes
again and again and again!
 I stood here alone!
I thought you were my lover;
my friend
Until the end’ so one more time my dear
hear my please and let it ring in your ears!
I loved you!
Yet I go on.
A soul to forever roam this coil alone.
Time passes.
Again you tell me,
And again I believe,
And again you leave.
 I suspect this is my curse. 
 I’ll always be  crushed by the love that will never be
*Written by Ray, Ron, and Karen

Hailey’s Comet

Help me with a line

now you can have it….

let me explain,

I called her today,

I called her  dear

I fucking hate being called dear,

especially by a woman,


I may call you my savoir


Freckled faced red head;

don’t dread your dreams:

As toxic as we are love is

closer than it seems.


Your self, importance bleeds

from your pores,

the stench of rotting flesh

your fragrance


My blood posses me;

as it courses through her;

She got a body so fly

When I bite and taste her blood;


I want to cry:

She’s as pure as the waters Jesus walked upon

yet I like to roll around in shit

I’m a pig.


I am a master of lies

I tell you shit face first

then bake my feces in a  pie!

Have a taste of it!


Swine manifests in my every word;

as you roll in your own rose tinted shit!

I can never  forget the imprints

you left as you walked all over my head

yet your fusing me; confusing me

with choices like


Sex and drugs and counselling:

heads us towards



Ending with crippling addictions

In the end we are all forgiven


I’m just trying to live my life right

to keep the youngsters out of prison!



don’t dread your dreams:

as toxic as our love is;

its closer than it seems:


Do not follow my foot steps.


Just watch me as I walk another mile;

in your shoes: as I carve my way through a corpse

and grin:

Watch me as I walk another mile;

Dentists aren’t doctors’

so please don’t try to fix my smile!


Just watch me walk away…



  • Written by Ron, Karen, James and Hailey.