Long Live the User

Online, initialize automatic type in “Facebook.com” habit;

I’m trapped,

So I’m gonna drivel some crap into your lap;

Who could have predicted! – I’m addicted! –  to the rap of societies fallacy;

telling me what to be.

All I see is I – claiming I must be another peon easily preyed on;

Every time I log on, hours are sucked away and so far

I’ve seen the “worst prom” and “wedding photos”,

Rock stars and celebrities, once the life of many parties – burned out druggies.

Today… I hate to say it – I relate –

but in-spite of the rat race, I’m making an effort to break pace.

I’m spinning off my hamster wheel;

expressing how I feel;

as deep and real as I see it,

An effort to stand out as a little more original,

but I’m quickly becoming cynical,


and tyrannical too!  No matter what I do, when I sign on to escape;

My gestures are either too soon or too late!

Tempering a reality of individualistic idiocies of  myself

ground up, then filtered through main stream media;

The strong arm of conformity churning the grinder,

Ever beckoning.

Signing into the socials that slowly tear on my soul;

it’s up for debate; I feel a little more fake, a little less whole,

especially for the times I chose to be blind and spread hate!

Burning network to network – another person!

Another machine of the mind! Convincing us it has what we wish to find!

Just another gate,

Keypads and pixels,

dispel the spell,

we’re just stealing time and tampering with fate!




The city, skyscrapers beautiful…

I love them most on the days I love myself.

And when I say I hate this city I realize;

I really hate myself!

But I’m just human – and God-damned humanity!

Im struggling just to … Be happy

I’m constantly fighting …. Insanity

I love this city cause it’s only ever

Truly relfected me… like a mirror;

And I’m just a minon of impulse!

A worm that squirms with each pulse;

If I’m not squirming on a hook;

I must be….


little bit;

left for the seagulls.

Nothing Personal

Welcome to my little escape,

My little paper mache world,

Welcome to my room, welcome to my room;

The walls are thin…

Intruding eyes and ears and noses,

Please pick apart my vulnerability

And sell it to the highest bidder.

Only God and those onlooking, those invading,

Know what I said, know what I said

And for that… Could be dead,

Maybe I’m dead, Im already dead,

Why else would I sell rotten fruit?

Its all just cluttting my head,

Here take it! Youre obviously not well fed,

You lack the facts and are full of shit!

Go on and smear my mask with shit!

After all…youre the fool who bought it…

You can try to pawn it off on others but they will quickly realize

It does not fit! It does not fit! You simple minded twit,

Judging me as I try to make the best of my final exit,

Over analying the worst bits of me, like an animal forced into a cage,

Put on exibit, onlookers watching me eat where I shit!

Please invade my personal space and since nothings personal

You can kindly fuck off! You can all fuck off!

Welcome to my escape,

My little paper mache world,

Welcome to my room, welcome to my room…

Please invade my personal space,

And its nothing personal,


You can all burn in hell…

Dead Words

People call me psychotic – .

like its supposed to hurt?

like it supposed to mean something!

To me I’m like awe – you noticed me


Thanks for the compliment

then I say “Yes? How can we help you?”


They call me a drug addict

when I’m really an alcoholic!

Drugs are just extra fun when I feel like it.

So get your facts straight;

You sideways shootin’ bull-shiter;

Whom has never mastered the art

of the insult.


To hurt someone’

you have to understand their heart

get inside their heads.

Then rip them apart

from the inside out.


You can’t even see my heart

nor understand my mind.





If You Can Find Me

Mind to mind:

touch my heart

if you can find me!


Feed me some lines –

give me some verse;

I like words;


please lets not rehearse –

This play is for the sport

You are on the spot!


I’m not even awake!

sit up proper like –

then begin to bang

my mind

with your limericks and rhyme


Drink some tea and chase those bad memories away.

cause today I just want to be free


Mind to mind:

touch my heart

if you can find me!