Humble Mumblings

And if even “The Greats” were just mere regular,

idiosyncratic – day to day observers of society;

Loud muses that mused nonsense – out of boredom,

stress relief, simple idiotic entertainment –

What of me then? My so called art – ponderings

of a directionless point becoming less with each …

*Sigh* … It’s insane enough I talk out loud to myself,

God help me when I actually take time to write down

the humble mumblings of my inner muse.

I’m easily amused, taking advantage of space and time,

making rhymes – poetry is as poetry does, line for line.

Poetry is like life – random and chaotic,

occasionally coming together beautifully in wondrous ways.

Poetry is life.

The best lines obtained through years of disillusionment and pain.

The never ending struggle to fight; Finnish the race!

The journey, discovery and utilization of what it  means to not just live – but to actually feel connected to your being;

That is living.

… That is poetry…


That’s Dope

I can’t sleep because now I reap

What I’ve sown, I’ve always known the

demons I feed and keep would defeat me.

I struggle to break free – they strangle me –

in my mind they find the times between  pain

and boredom  and my crimes;

I’ve said it a million times in a million rhymes,

Memories imprisoning me when all I want is to be free!


I try to pray to have faith and hope then,

I get bored and drink and smoke dope.

sniff dope, inject dope. Kill my hope,

Everyday I’m struggling in life just to cope!

Everyday burning my money till I’m broke;

What a joke! I can’t live this way!

I Start begging the rope!

I need Jesus! –  not the pope!


I’m trapped between two worlds;

The light and the good fight for what is right

the nights out chasing a high and the girls;

I can’t think, my minds in a whirl, so I’m gonna

smoke drugs and drink until I hurl.


I’m all alone and burning in hell,

burning in hell,

burning in hell,

Burning in hell and I’m not even dead yet,

every minute of every hour of everyday;

Haunted by my regrets,

haunted by my regrets.

Haunted by my regrets.



Mental Break

Uh. Hi there.

How are you today?


I’m fine – mind helping me out of your mind?

I’ seem to have myself lost in your thoughts.

It’s been lovely seeing how you see life…

But I’m ready now… ready to go…


You’re personality is perched on your perspective

high and lofty – making long winded speeches –

lacking intuition – try to say something relative…


My skin feels like its crawling with leeches,

and there’s another voice in my head trying to

to tell me to show him the way out.


That’s just me chiseling away your muse,

I’ve planted my mind bombs,

by the time you have them defused…

I’ll be long gone.




It’s hard to see what’s coming…

When you can’t even walk the path you’re on.

And not for a lack of trying,

some things take time; A lot of time

– gota keep paying in time…


In time… In time… in time…

‘Till there’s nothing left

’till you’re broke and dime-less

’till you’ve choked on your last breath

unless… unless… unless….


You truly believe all the pain you posses –

All your hatred can be harnessed;

To tell your story! – and at last for all to witness;

You live… you live… you live! And you live with purpose!

Paper Clips

Hello little yellow paper clip.

Hello red hair and ketchup chips.

Hello death and heroine,

hello… hello… my old friends.


Is it time we danced again?

Or shall we count tiddly winks for stars –

That have gone around for every clown

who’s ever written and spoken words

too profound.


It’s time to get high.

Lets watch the world burn,

as we deny that we could fix

each other. Ohh ohh…Ohh baby,



You are as fixed as a fantasy.

No words to speak into my destiny;

No more lovers levers

pulling on me.

Dead to Me

Empty waiting.

Pointless hunger.

Lost words.

Cursed existence.


out of what little mind I have left.


with what little time I have left.


This is no life;

This existing,

one day to the next.

I wan to live.

I want to feel;

feel something real.

No more people placebos,

No more of everyone I know.


I’m tired of assumptions,

tired of the masses making asses of themselves.

Too tired to listen to anyone

Who doesn’t already see me for who I am.

I couldn’t care less.

I really don’t give a damn.

So go ahead and curse me!

Go ahead and finally be dead… to me.