I can laugh out loud but it doesn’t mean I’m really feeling

I know how to smile but it doesn’t mean I’m not sad.

I can talk freely without really sharing…

These past years I’ve buried and hidden so much of who I am.

I’ve been so hurt and crushed and unappreciated

I’ve surrounded myself with peers who didn’t give a damn,

In return I’ve lashed out and have been hated.

I’ve been feeding off my anger and finally I’m starving;

I’m reviving in the light and love and Holy Spirit, flowing

off all of you; each and every one of you – glowing.

It’s impossible to not feel my heart once again growing.

My thoughts and heart have been lit on fire.

I had such an amazing night, I am deeply moved.

It’s been years since I’ve been this genuinely inspired

I was melting in my chair as I stared at my food.

I kept fighting my thoughts about how I forgot; (who I was)

All of you were the reminder … I’m trying to not come unglued.


The Holy spirit, I can feel it as we walk along – it’s been so long.

It’s got me by the heart, I can hear the calling, there’s no escaping;

with tears in my eyes, I feel out of place but I know, this is where I belong.

So thank you all for sharing, thank you all for reviving me,

thank you all for simply being – you’ve all set me free.