I can laugh out loud but it doesn’t mean I’m really feeling

I know how to smile but it doesn’t mean I’m not sad.

I can talk freely without really sharing…

These past years I’ve buried and hidden so much of who I am.

I’ve been so hurt and crushed and unappreciated

I’ve surrounded myself with peers who didn’t give a damn,

In return I’ve lashed out and have been hated.

I’ve been feeding off my anger and finally I’m starving;

I’m reviving in the light and love and Holy Spirit, flowing

off all of you; each and every one of you – glowing.

It’s impossible to not feel my heart once again growing.

My thoughts and heart have been lit on fire.

I had such an amazing night, I am deeply moved.

It’s been years since I’ve been this genuinely inspired

I was melting in my chair as I stared at my food.

I kept fighting my thoughts about how I forgot; (who I was)

All of you were the reminder … I’m trying to not come unglued.


The Holy spirit, I can feel it as we walk along – it’s been so long.

It’s got me by the heart, I can hear the calling, there’s no escaping;

with tears in my eyes, I feel out of place but I know, this is where I belong.

So thank you all for sharing, thank you all for reviving me,

thank you all for simply being – you’ve all set me free.












I close my eyes and see your face

I imagine your touch and lips

I can feel your sweet embrace,

My hands sliding down your hips,

I am in a bliss and I miss all this,

But sadly this is just another dream,

That leaves me craving your kiss,

Im tired of how you make your self seam;

Cause to me you’re perfect

I just need you next to me

Stop comparing yourself to the rest

‘Cause i just need to see you happy

I don’t care about how odd you are

I don’t care about your lack of job,

I don’t care ‘cause I’ know you’ll go far

I don’t care, ‘cause you’re almost there.

I can feel it and I hate all those judging you

I can see you, standing so tall and so wise

I can see you standing so bold and true in all you do

I can see you, with clear eyes, though yourself you despise,

Babe… enough of all the lies…

It’s time you saw yourself as a princess

You’re Gods child, his little girl,

And in his heart he holds you blessed

He’s going to help you build your world,

Don’t worry any more

You’re fine just the way you are

You’ve got wisdom, plenty more

You’re one of Gods rising stars.

10:18 am

Ron Bergquist

June 22, 2013