Peace and Rest

I hate my life.

I hate myself.

Full of anger.

Full of fear.

Full of questions.

Hurt. Hurting.

Lost. Confused.

When will this all end?

Please God,

In Jesus name.

Help me. Help me.

Help me. Help me;

To be free, free

from all my worries.

No more worries.

No more stress,

just peace and rest.


On the Wings of Eagles

If this the death of me,

let it come.

Come wittiness me die.

All who wish to see;



You shall see me fall,

and burn .


Your justice served!

Your mind at ease.

He’s just another mans ashes

scattered to the breeze.


Nothing no more;

and yet nothing no less.

nothing expected from nothing-ness

nothing more no – yet nothing no less.

For you think I’m a mortal man just made of flesh;

lost and spiritless.


Yes. I am a man, made of flesh

a man of mortal sin!

I have died a thousand deaths!

and yet

I’ve been reborn a thousand times!


And I will  die yet again!

and once again I will rise!

And once again be reborn!


Better than you ever Knew me…


To say it simple;

You don’t know me.

You’ve never known me;


And as a phoenix rises from the ashes

I will do you one better!

And rise like an eagle;

floating on the breath of God;

beneath my wings.


To your demise you will realize

I am last;

Flesh-less and spirit filled;

unbound by flesh – by my words I stand!


I am timeless.






Blowing in the Wind

The Lord is calling me back

So I hungrily went to church.

I was moved and revived.

Afterwards, taking care of the practical

I took my resume to the bottle depot

hoping to find work.

With my empty stomach in mind

I began to pray to the Lord for His provision,

and blessings, reminding him I need my daily bread

And you wouldn’t believe it –

as soon as I finished praying

there it was –  an answer to my prayer

tumbling along the sidewalks,

20 dollars!

Blowing in the wind.



Good Vs Evil

If you believe in the Devil and evil

like ghosts, demons and witches –

that can take over your soul….

How do you keep feeling whole

if you believe in God and Jesus,

love and purity too;

You love your family and friends and they all take a part too

a little part of you –

your soul

you no longer can possibly be whole!

Trying to entertain them all!

You can only serve one master!

Or you….

will fall….

To the insanity you’ve fed trying to keep everyone

and everything happy

You and you and the old you and the future you

and this new you!

The world has pulled you a part

quartered you for sins that time will change.






Fairies in the Sky

Id take the pills but
I’d be a zombie
I’ don’t like being a zombie

We’ve never been stable enough to know what normal is;
we’ve only ever been taught
what normal is supposed to be…

Through the eyes of people whom
we’ve viewed as extraordinary
as for the fear of never measuring up;
have pushed them away.

I can tell you what society thinks normal is
I can tell you what all the voices have told me to be;
but that is what drives me insane
I understand that normal is a check list
that few people actually live by

But at the same time you need a level of normality;
Like sleeping and eating.

Not to be normal,
but to be healthy.

What about my mentality?
Trying to escape,
this evening roller coaster!
As my sanity whispers to me,
“Ride the experiment for now,
tomorrow is another day”

If I make it through tonight.
If I make it through tonight.
If I make it through tonight.

They say t stress and fear
will break you down;
Whilst you view yourself:

As this
great artist
of the day

To you:
This state is normal and productive,
for you write very well.
I think Many artists consider that normal.

Until you die alone.
Inspired by a conversation with/
Karren Blossom @

Raw and Whole

I think it’s best if you forget that I ever was

What you thought I was;

I was a coward then;

Desperate for love and the attention

you gave to me.


I became strong and independent;

I took what you taught me and mixed it

with real life; I then plucked the rife fools

With my fists and taught them the lessons they needed

Beat them like their fathers should have.


I grew tired of the incompetent making fun of me

I refused to turn the other cheek and let them believe

they were smarter

So I used my masterful words to tear apart their minds;

Left them in the fear that I once felt.


When they had no power left

I look at them and ask

“How does it feel to feel the way you made me feel?”

How does it feel to feel nothing but fear.


I became fearsome;

the man in my nightmares;

I became the devils right hand man

to destroy lost souls;

I  joke when I say

I’m gonna eat you raw and whole.











Until Tomorrow

It’s hard to believe in more;

people and things like church;

Or should I say powers,

Like God!?


When I can’t even function

enough to get up and shower.


When I had faith I felt unstoppable;

like when it first occurred now I’m probably cursed;

life is probable: It’s gonna keep beating you down;

I’m supposed to play nice without making a frown?


People’s morals are so weak,

to lead them means to be a clown!

I’m tired of helping piss ants

I’d rather drop my pants and piss on them;


light them of fire!


Yet I’m not helping anyone

I’ve gone so bitter I don’t know how to quit;

The personalities I’ve manifested to fight this reality;

I’ve turned into something I’m not meant to be!

I fight fuckers off and yet my soul is pleading


Someone save me!


A disgrace to society; labelled and shelved

I delve into myself and wonder how I was so fucking stupid;

It’s time for bravery but its hard to be intrepid when everyone

is just as stupid!


I cannot save myself for the lack of you saving me;

We’re digging this grave together;

When we’ve given up the fight;

We shall lay here forever!


Or at least until tomorrow.