Rising from the depths of my soul,

The madness of a thousand memories,

The repressed violent outbusrts,

Manfesting their own voice and personality,

And now theyre all screaming inside of me!
We’ve sold the lie,

For the small price

Of my sanity.

I guess my doctor was right

Ill never fit into society.
Infact I might as well play the part,

Keep in mind as you verbally judge me, 

I could easily stop holding back and let my dark side rip you apart.

Im too smart, to fall apart,

For the satisfaction of the faction of ignorant invalids

Spewing mindless shit, without batting an eyelid.
I feel my inner demons twitch and I feel the itch,

To carve you up and make the onlookers sick.

Youre too old and slow, and my minds to quick,

Ill let this slight slip, but next time you best get a grip quick,

Or else,
Or else!

Ill realease my demons and give you the reality check

A small minded, white picket fence – normal life dunce

Should get! Ill sever your ties to what you call reality,
Youll be one to regret,

One to never ever forget,

What it means to lean 

Face to face with a man,

Whos mastered mean.

Doom Clouds

Coming down that mountain

Coming down that high

Looking at the doom clouds in the sky,

They look like ufo’s flying by…
Come walk with me,

Come walk with me through the slum,

Just another fun, fun, day 

Talking to all the bums.

Listening to the funy thing they say.
I am on my way,

Going to get paid on Friday,

Going to meet the men in the sky.

I’ll be climbing that mountain,

Chasing that high,

Looking for ufo’s flying by…
Take me way far away

To another world where I may stay

Awhile and conume your guile, 

Consume your smile.

Conume, consume, conume 


Dead to Me

Empty waiting.

Pointless hunger.

Lost words.

Cursed existence.


out of what little mind I have left.


with what little time I have left.


This is no life;

This existing,

one day to the next.

I wan to live.

I want to feel;

feel something real.

No more people placebos,

No more of everyone I know.


I’m tired of assumptions,

tired of the masses making asses of themselves.

Too tired to listen to anyone

Who doesn’t already see me for who I am.

I couldn’t care less.

I really don’t give a damn.

So go ahead and curse me!

Go ahead and finally be dead… to me.

The Trip

The end of yourself

is the beginning of understanding.


Under stand :

It is not hard to see you;

when your world is so small.


One day it wont be like this.

There will be no more men in the walls.

I’ll be free to be myself;

actually learn who that is!


What is the point little eye?

Beep beep!  life support go.

All that I have failed in the first attempt!

There will be success one day.

Today is just not that day.


I got to remember – no one taught me normal.

Guess I like learning the hard way.

At least – in the end – I will have my story.

I will share my journey – maybe Ill save someone

the trip.

On the Wings of Eagles

If this the death of me,

let it come.

Come wittiness me die.

All who wish to see;



You shall see me fall,

and burn .


Your justice served!

Your mind at ease.

He’s just another mans ashes

scattered to the breeze.


Nothing no more;

and yet nothing no less.

nothing expected from nothing-ness

nothing more no – yet nothing no less.

For you think I’m a mortal man just made of flesh;

lost and spiritless.


Yes. I am a man, made of flesh

a man of mortal sin!

I have died a thousand deaths!

and yet

I’ve been reborn a thousand times!


And I will  die yet again!

and once again I will rise!

And once again be reborn!


Better than you ever Knew me…


To say it simple;

You don’t know me.

You’ve never known me;


And as a phoenix rises from the ashes

I will do you one better!

And rise like an eagle;

floating on the breath of God;

beneath my wings.


To your demise you will realize

I am last;

Flesh-less and spirit filled;

unbound by flesh – by my words I stand!


I am timeless.