Dark Hatter

I’ve been chasing dragons 

Down rabbit holes again,

Following a mad man,

Chasing that high, 

Now I’m Coming down the mountain,
I’ve been lost, four days now

Trying to follow the light

But in no longer matters what direction

The sun sets or rises in, 

I’ve been walking at night,

Trying to recreate my reality

Just a few more days and I’ll be climbing

That mountain again, chasing that high,

Trying to escape my reality –

Running away from what bothers me.
And when I finally reached the peak

A brother of the hood, turned to me and 

Asked what is real to you? 

And I had a million answers at once and I began to 

Alomost list them all starting with the fact that 

I am real but then cut myself off and 

Said no, not recently but I try to be….
So then,  I said slowly,

What is really real to me? And every soul I know?

Problems are real, we all suffer from problems,

Stemming from impulse choices based on our dark pasts 

Or opinions of others trying to manipulate us into 

Something they can use to benefit themselves, 

And then I told him society was no better!

Because all they want is to sell you junk to become somebody!

And when you got no money you are a nobody!

And suddenly I realized 

 I was talking talking to myself…

No one was listening…

Doom Clouds

Coming down that mountain

Coming down that high

Looking at the doom clouds in the sky,

They look like ufo’s flying by…
Come walk with me,

Come walk with me through the slum,

Just another fun, fun, day 

Talking to all the bums.

Listening to the funy thing they say.
I am on my way,

Going to get paid on Friday,

Going to meet the men in the sky.

I’ll be climbing that mountain,

Chasing that high,

Looking for ufo’s flying by…
Take me way far away

To another world where I may stay

Awhile and conume your guile, 

Consume your smile.

Conume, consume, conume 


Big Foot PT 2

The elusive moment,


Revealed big foots true form.

He was normal of not being normal ….


So once again I met my friend…
I said big foot dropped a Bomb …

And he did… like David, 

Penning his next psalm!

This is my best friend

He don’t need to read my palm.
Through thick and thin 

We stay calm, we protect our kin,

We don’t play to kill and win

We just spew shit to make you

Trip and grin.


Tear away from the page…

Try to have a little more impact,

Next time…
Become something real…

In Their imaginations,

And become something powerful…
Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it  good to be evil…

Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil…
No one knows the next act,

Only the brave will stay,

To watch the world fade away.
I may be tangible then,

Real enough to connect,

I’ll make another friend.
Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil.

Oh it feels good to be kind,

And it feels good to be evil….
Or maybe 

In the end 

You’ll be just another enemy.
Tell me which side of me,

Will take control,

Of this fading reality.

That’s Dope

I can’t sleep because now I reap

What I’ve sown, I’ve always known the

demons I feed and keep would defeat me.

I struggle to break free – they strangle me –

in my mind they find the times between  pain

and boredom  and my crimes;

I’ve said it a million times in a million rhymes,

Memories imprisoning me when all I want is to be free!


I try to pray to have faith and hope then,

I get bored and drink and smoke dope.

sniff dope, inject dope. Kill my hope,

Everyday I’m struggling in life just to cope!

Everyday burning my money till I’m broke;

What a joke! I can’t live this way!

I Start begging the rope!

I need Jesus! –  not the pope!


I’m trapped between two worlds;

The light and the good fight for what is right

the nights out chasing a high and the girls;

I can’t think, my minds in a whirl, so I’m gonna

smoke drugs and drink until I hurl.


I’m all alone and burning in hell,

burning in hell,

burning in hell,

Burning in hell and I’m not even dead yet,

every minute of every hour of everyday;

Haunted by my regrets,

haunted by my regrets.

Haunted by my regrets.



Mental Break

Uh. Hi there.

How are you today?


I’m fine – mind helping me out of your mind?

I’ seem to have myself lost in your thoughts.

It’s been lovely seeing how you see life…

But I’m ready now… ready to go…


You’re personality is perched on your perspective

high and lofty – making long winded speeches –

lacking intuition – try to say something relative…


My skin feels like its crawling with leeches,

and there’s another voice in my head trying to

to tell me to show him the way out.


That’s just me chiseling away your muse,

I’ve planted my mind bombs,

by the time you have them defused…

I’ll be long gone.