Dark Hatter

I’ve been chasing dragons 

Down rabbit holes again,

Following a mad man,

Chasing that high, 

Now I’m Coming down the mountain,
I’ve been lost, four days now

Trying to follow the light

But in no longer matters what direction

The sun sets or rises in, 

I’ve been walking at night,

Trying to recreate my reality

Just a few more days and I’ll be climbing

That mountain again, chasing that high,

Trying to escape my reality –

Running away from what bothers me.
And when I finally reached the peak

A brother of the hood, turned to me and 

Asked what is real to you? 

And I had a million answers at once and I began to 

Alomost list them all starting with the fact that 

I am real but then cut myself off and 

Said no, not recently but I try to be….
So then,  I said slowly,

What is really real to me? And every soul I know?

Problems are real, we all suffer from problems,

Stemming from impulse choices based on our dark pasts 

Or opinions of others trying to manipulate us into 

Something they can use to benefit themselves, 

And then I told him society was no better!

Because all they want is to sell you junk to become somebody!

And when you got no money you are a nobody!

And suddenly I realized 

 I was talking talking to myself…

No one was listening…

Die Laughing

I will not hesitate to debate the shit you relate to

“Blah blah this is so cool” you look like a tool,

Blabbing your mouth and waving your arms – fool. 

I can’t be bother to recite the kite to fly you sky high,

I begin to talk and lose you before I even begin to try.
If you want to beat me, 

You got be more than a loser 

I’m fixed on a destiny,

And you a gangter poser. 
I’m, fascinated with the search

For the meaning to life and death; wondering if

I should be afraid or laughing maniacally,

Talking to a Skull

Thanks Pandora bracelet,

I’m going for the sky conspiracy theories.

I am going to prove I’m not meant 

To be here… Come with me…
I will give you the best day ever.

Thanks for the next few months.
Somehow I will find a way home.

I’ll make it off this cold planet.

Everyone is dead and has been dead

For far to long.
Walking over all the bones,

Crunching, crunching, crunching,

Filling my ears, driving me crazy.

How long Till I’m one of them…

How long will I last here?

Big Foot PT 2

The elusive moment,


Revealed big foots true form.

He was normal of not being normal ….


So once again I met my friend…
I said big foot dropped a Bomb …

And he did… like David, 

Penning his next psalm!

This is my best friend

He don’t need to read my palm.
Through thick and thin 

We stay calm, we protect our kin,

We don’t play to kill and win

We just spew shit to make you

Trip and grin.


Still the same Cheshire cat like grin,

Smiling through the bending light

Of the dreadful night to come….
Oh woe to the travellers,

I hope you’ve come equipped….

It’s been some time,

Since we’ve stood face to face

In the pale moonlight 

Of 3am.
But who gives gives a damn!

There you are and here I am,

Staring into the face of death.
They laughed hysterically

As every nightmare of my life,

Is relentlessly replaid.
Still it is nice nice to see you,

It reminds me of the past,

The days that I didn’t know,

We’re numbered; not to last.
So Despair, with demon eyes,

Here you are again, 

And to me it’s no surprise

My old friend.

If today is the day I meet my end,

I’ll grit my teeth;

Face it with a dubious grin.